Cakeology- Sweet and Fresh

As a sort of intersection to all the fashion shows I will be posting up from FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, I wanted to congratulate, on post, a certain confectioner who has got a fantastic amount of attention since starting out- Laura from Cakeology in the UK. Their cakes and other sweet titbits such as cupcakes and huge tiered torte’s are all available through their site, as well as in their shop, which is based in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

What differentiates this company is that it does even the most original ideas- it doesn’t stick to particular shapes, and if there is anything a little different to the standard sponge/buttercream/raspberry jam combo, you are sure to be able to get something fixed up with Cakeology. Ever heard of an iphone or a burger and chip’s cake? You’ll find it here, all in beautifully shaped icing. Since the company is so wonderfully inviting, it has also made courses for future and present confectioners- from kids to mum’s, there is enough courses with icing, decorations and cake to go around.

Check out a couple of my favourites in the gallery.


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