Think… Professional.

When thinking about New Year’s resolutions, the ones that come up quite often in a woman’s list are body and fashion or beauty related. Remember that ‘I will wear heels every day?’, ‘I will go for a run to get into shape again?’ or ‘Yes, as Vogue said, I will chuck my old make up. Yes, I will, I promise’? What if you had one goal for your whole fashion self, instead of guilty conscience make-you-feel-bad ones?


Icons in fashion did not do any of these trivial tasks or promises unless they genuinely wanted to. If not- out of the window. Confidence and individuality was their key, not rules. They found that through doing exactly what they wanted to do and setting themselves a clear vision for their work, people were inspired. The people could not do the same, as when a createur de haute couture, like Mademoiselle Coco, who simply surrounded herself with beautiful objects to inspire her in her little nest at 31 Rue Cambon while creating the most iconic pieces of clothing of the twentieth century. To surround yourself with beautiful objects- is that not fashion? Should we do the same to be recognised on a wider scale? No. The truth is, that being in touch with your personality, your tastes, how you perceive the world will give you a higher chance of bringing that out to other people.


Even with this small tip, it is not enough for the achieving fashion designer, journalist or illustrator. Many of these, such as the fresh young stars like Alexander Wang (whose collections have already been accredited by older peers), or fashion writer Ricardo Hernandez of The Style Inquisitor (whose prose encourages to rummage among the fashion-able), or Hayden Williams, an illustrator (whose designs have been favoured by stars like Rihanna) are thinking ahead. There is no such thing as a pause  button when it comes to fashion. No matter what happens, it will always be one step ahead of you, and your job or passion, or both is to always try to catch up and take over that first place…

This was meant to be more inspirational- like creating a mood board of swatches of colour and fabric, I created a mood board of people who convey their vision, and inspire.


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