Decadence, anyone…?

What has ever made you feel more alive than a beautiful shot of gold or amber on silk? The feeling rushes through you, warming your every vein. It seems that this spanish designer decided to take on the cold winter months psychologically. Helping your mind to find the warmth by colour, while soothing your body with gentle entwining wools and cascadous silks.

Looking for the next trend to follow? Why not try a rich saturated purple with a sneak of velvet, or a emblazoned pool of amber glowing on your wrist like a warm winter fire. of course, most of you are probably not even thinking of the white and the cold, but isn’t it good to plan ahead? Also, if you truly think about it, everyone needs a break sometime from neons and fluos and pastels… The same way you crave for a rich burgundy wine with a plate of spanish tapas after a thoroughly exhausting session of cupcake consumption. Speaking of cupcakes, if you decide to stop off in Warsaw in between that magical stay in Frankfurt and Moscow or Minsk why not visit La Vanille on the edge of Wilcza and Krucza street, where they serve moist cupcakes with homemade vanilla buttercream?

Sometimes people find magic in the most unusual of places… So here are the two!



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