If everybody did Swedish like Svensk…

Having been approached by the lovely Diana Svensk on the first day of WFW, I thought it would be a great idea to do coverage of their eco-collection show the following day. Arriving hurried, flustered and excited in the backstage allowed me enough time to catch my breath and remind those of you who do-not-know-quite-yet … Continue reading If everybody did Swedish like Svensk…

Warsaw Fashion Weekend- a couple of rules

Ever wondered just how much of an impression does technology leave on fashionistas? Well, I found out for myself. After admiring the new iPad since it came out, my love decided to get it for me, and I haven't been able to stop using it since! I am sure that this will be an indispensable … Continue reading Warsaw Fashion Weekend- a couple of rules

Unveiling of the Hevelius Stars

Although the Agutti show was interesting, most of the photos I took there have already been posted up. Therefore, I'm going to show the Sloma- Trymbulak collection instead. I really like the idea of using a star constellation as an inspiration for their work, and their kilt styled trousers are altogether something completely new. With … Continue reading Unveiling of the Hevelius Stars

Agutti/Sloma Trymbulak… World of Contrasts

I thought it would be interesting to put together two completely contrasting fashion companies together, both which I had seem at the Warsaw Fashion Weekend. Agutti- a company raised in creating completely classic formal gowns and wedding dresses, went out into the world in 2005. Since then, Agutti has equipped Polish stars, such as Edyta … Continue reading Agutti/Sloma Trymbulak… World of Contrasts

Wrist Innovation

Although not quite an innovation, original, handmade bracelets are quite hard to find nowadays, especially ones which could potentially stay timeless. Yet for Kasia from FancyMe!, a simple idea generated a single-handed company, which evolved and is now having their ninth collection and still growing strong. For most young Polish designers, getting a international reputation … Continue reading Wrist Innovation

Rina Cossack at the WFW

I did not expect Rina Cossack to turn up at the Warsaw Fashion Weekend, as I thought it would be less known brands who would be making their first appearances on the Polish market. And yet, it was Rina Cossack, Sabrina Pilewicz and the German designer Michael Michalsky who caught the most attention in their … Continue reading Rina Cossack at the WFW

Dominika Syczynska- Warsaw Fashion Weekend

The first jewelry show I had seen at the Warsaw Fashion Weekend from Dominika SyczyƄska. More posts coming!