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Poland Fashion Week: Zuo Corp. S/S 12

When thinking of Zuo Corp. the first thing that comes to mind is black. From their previous collection that I saw at the beginning of the year, the lack of colour was intriguing. Why would a designer opt for only monochromatic shades? What ….. told the people who were at the GLAMOUR workshops in February, was that it showed exactly what the company was about- the best fabrics and the finest cuts, which enabled all the pieces to be mixed perfectly with anything and standing out as the most important item in someone’s style. Although the pieces were innovative, there was a feeling that the collection would be even better with colour.

This is what Bartek Michalec did for the S/S 2012 collection which was shown on Saturday in the Designer Avenue at the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Lodz. Showing up with bright oranges on neoprene suits and typically feminine shapes seen on the typical dress were for the wives and mothers during the war, for some Zuo Corp.’s collection was a breath of fresh air. The use of materials must have been inspiring for upcoming designers- for anyone to craft such designs with neoprene and plastic, they really have to have something special. Simplicity was the word for FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, and Zuo Corp. has been relating to it ever since they started the brand. The cuts were smooth and beautiful- no excess, no unnecessary pleats or ruffles. Very modern, with a cold, razor touch to the whole collection…

By Stylion

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