‘The Courier’s’ Halloween Fashion Shoot

About one month ago now I was part of a wonderful project for the fashion section of The Courier and I wanted to share with my readers through my article how what a student fashion shoot is like! I have included some of the unseen photos from the day and some of our inspiration, so … Continue reading ‘The Courier’s’ Halloween Fashion Shoot


Christmas Gift Guide: Top 4 Fashion Books

This was my article for 'The Courier' in the 1340 issue, and it has been edited and extended for my readers. Fashion books are one of the best ways to browse through an overview of a particular category or style, and it is through them that I have learnt the majority of what I know … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Top 4 Fashion Books


Hakuunsou Ryokan: Day 1

We had always planned to visit an onsen during our multiple trips to Japan and had never had the pleasure of being in one yet. Having heard that the experience can vary greatly depending on if the ryokan is more modern or not, we decided to stay in an authentic Japanese onsen with a modern … Continue reading Hakuunsou Ryokan: Day 1


The Lyricality of the Polish Language 

‘ W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie i Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie’- Or an introduction into the Polish language, originally written for the Courier's culture section, and now revised and edited for Stylion.  Coming from Poland to the UK at the tender age of five was a culture shock, and I have since become accustomed … Continue reading The Lyricality of the Polish Language 

Fall Inspiration Stylion

Here come the Fall leaves…

Here come the Fall leaves... by zzwieglinska featuring white home accessories Here come the Fall leaves... Here come the Fall Leaves! Who doesn't love those russet and golden leaves make all the woods brighter. Here are a couple of essentials for the autumn season that are truly necessary for anyone wanting to take that first … Continue reading Here come the Fall leaves…

stylion hygge room

Autumn Equinox and Hygge

'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo brought in the Japanese aesthetic of not holding on to things you didn't feel joy for. Her book revolutionized that having less clutter creates a more balanced and easier life, much like the ideas of Zen living brought to the West some hundred years previously. The adaptation … Continue reading Autumn Equinox and Hygge


Emilia Wickstead SS17

Emilia Wickstead  has already been on the fashion scene since 2012, and earlier for those fortunate enough to see her graduate collection at Central Saint Martins. She is a part of the new group of young CSM fashion graduates called the British Fashion Collective, propelled forward by the support from the British Fashion Council aiming … Continue reading Emilia Wickstead SS17

marta jakubowski

Marta Jakubowski SS17

Marta Jakubowski was one of the few designers selected for the BFC NEWGEN award and her show went *spinning around*her carousel live today at the venue for London Fashion Week. Her theme seems to revolve somewhere between Sophia-Webster-femininity and a grunge 90's 2012 LV carousel and Instagram was awash with spinning Boomerang videos of the … Continue reading Marta Jakubowski SS17