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Banais Premier Collection

After getting to know someone over three years, you would think that I know their style and vision perfectly, so I was surprised when I first got a glimpse of my friend Zuzia’s collection. Although I did know she had a certain fondness for geometrical shapes and easy, manageable forms, I did not expect her pieces to be so well thought out colour-wise and how much variation there was when it came to cuts…

Anyway, lets start from the beginning. Zuzia had been planning to show her first collection since June at least, so it came as no surprise when I got an invitation to join her and Celebration Media in the modern setting of Studio 4th Floor. Genuinely excited, I waited until the first perfectly made-up model shasay-ed across the floor, spotlight on her hair. I was happy to notice that the girls looked glowing and elegant and not dark and sulky, as was the theme with ‘young and upcoming’ Polish designers. The pieces melded well with the ideas, allowing me to notice the small details- the tiny chains across naked ribs, the golden flames shooting up from the ankles and loose openings in the sleeves.

The colours, being mostly based on contrasts, such as cream and orange and navy and burgundy were clean and unobtrusive- no one felt they clashed together, instead giving a decisive message- I am not here to play… I would recommend this collection for the office, as many of the pieces are as versatile as they are fashionable. Having said this, and even with the suited decor and the clever designs, I think Banais is going to get much better with time.

All photos are courtesy of Zuzia at Banais.

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