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My January on Instagram

Since it seems that Instagram is the chosen medium for image self expression, and I forgot to post the January pictures at the end of January, which would have made logical sense… I want to post them now. However, since it seems that being late is not so fashionable any more, let’s say that my workload has forbidden me from posting anything remotely close to fashion. (Let’s just forget about the actual fact I had time to take the picture in the first place, add some decent lighting and filters… But hey, no one is paying attention to the details.) So flick through the pretty pictures, and browse my favourite Instagrameeeurs for even more time procrastination.

In the mean time, I will get to Emily Bronte and ‘commment tuer mon essai francais en cinq etapes’.

1. Miu Miu booties in the issue of Glamour. If these come out in stores, I’m the first one to get them, first one to love them.

2. Inspired by an illustration from a Japanese work of art, I copied the image with detailed patterns for the fabrics.

3. The best candle in the world… Smells like a wood fire on a cold night. Memories from your childhood will filter through…

4.  The Elie Saab gowns from the Couture Catwalks 2014 took inspiration from classicism, draping inspired by Roman and Greek outfits. This pleating in turn was inspired by the architecture of Ancient Greece and the columns which supported so many buildings. This was a favourite technique used by Alix Barton, later known as Madame Gres.

5. Soba for dinner. As a light buckwheat noodle, usually eaten during the hot summer months in Japan. Usually eaten with a light, sweet sauce and sliced spring onions. However, I’m strange, and eat in the middle of January.

6. Some of my old illustrations from Paper 53 are up on Pinterest for happy browsing. Still having that pale pink vibe.

7. Great mashup of two photos by Dubble, with one of mine from a crepe stand in Harajuku, and one from @akwkm, which has a pattern of Japanese stamps.

My favourite Instagrameeeurs:

@margaret_zhang – Perfectly executed lunch & fashion photos, with snaps from her travels around the world. Best written posts on Shine by Three!

@alice_gao – Beautiful minimalist photos with a united, pale theme with plenty of sunlight. Just the thing for lovers of the Park & Cube aesthetic.

@femme_foodie – If, like me, you can’t get enough of luxury food and great restaurants, follow Mai Pham, the Forbes Travel correspondent and lover of great meals and beautiful pictures with a focus on new flavours.

@kehauai – Ever since discovering Hawaii Instagrams, this lady has pushed my wishes of white sandy shores and turquoise coloured waters, and motivated me to get in the water enough that I actually want to go surfing again.

@mermaidlove808 – A buzz of colour with wonderful inspirations from the waters of Hawaii and food and fashion of Japan. Also, she has the cutest dog!

@keiyamazaki – Her breakfast pictures have become so famous that she has now published a book with her Japanese-Western inspired, diverse, yummy breakfast ideas.

@balletbeautiful – Mary Helen Bowers, former ballerina and creator of the Ballet Beautiful program posts photos of herself by the barre and her new born baby, Lumina Belle.

Hope you get to check out their wonderful snaps. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day tomorrow!





By Stylion

Writer, creative and explorer of all things Japan. Central Saint Martins graduate and fashion journalist for 1 Granary and Lampoon Magazine. Writing about all things fashion – from fashion weeks, food and technology to fake influencers, art exhibitions and cultures around the world.

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