How are Fashion and Technology Collaborating?

Technology and fashion have inevitably come together over the last couple of years. As the world of electronics grew more and more focused, certain target groups were outlined- first Apple came out with two versions of the iPhone- the colourful jelly case ‘for the masses’ and the first ‘S’ model, perfectly fitted into a gold, silver and space grey outfit.

Differences in price mean that the phone and the fitness tracker have to stand out, and the most profitable way of doing so is through the world of fashion. In an industry where competitors stand out through their different approaches, fashion seems like the most natural partner for an industry that doesn’t seem to be progressing as quickly towards innovation. After all, who better to market two different models of something when a dress from Prada costs around £2,500 and one from Primark can be as low as £5?

This is only the first move by Apple to try and bring fashion, and with it ‘appearance’ into the spotlight. The Apple Watch was made specifically for the fashion conscious, with the most expensive models reaching £13,500. The design aspect of such expensive technological pieces brings in the fusion of fashionable, highly stylized pieces, and the convenience and integrity with other the Apple products that customers may already have.

According to Vertu, the creator of the world’s most expensive iPhone’s, ‘the market for luxury technology has become broader following the launch of higher priced versions of Apple’s iPhone’. Developing technology for the fashionable in mind is not exclusively an Apple-brand concept. Companies like Fitbit are collaborating with designers like Tory Burch, and bringing fitness tracking from ugly awkwardly shaped bands to perfectly sculptured gold logos. In the Harrods department store, decoration of such items like phones, cases and headphones comes with a high price tag. The items can have added effects- encased in platinum, gold, rose gold, Swarovski crystals, crocodile skin…

In the past such details would have been reserved for exclusive accessories like watches, bags and wallets, men’s tiepins and luggage. For craftsmen, the emergence of such extravagance is a natural progression from these times when such technology did not exist for the masses. Therefore the decorative aspects of modern technology are only answering to demand from the more demanding, more knowledgeable consumer. Nowadays many people cannot afford singular pieces from fashion collections- getting a case for your phone or iPad is another way of showing the world that you can also be stylish without breaking the bank.

It has most certainly become a new step for the fashion world, however it seems to be doing very well, with global giants like D&G endorsing the trend. Fashion can be displayed through artwork, furniture, and statement pieces in clothing. Technology is just the little sister of all of these long-standing traditional aspects of it. Fashion is embracing technology wholeheartedly; as the Apple Watch, Google Glass and more advanced fitness trackers come into light.

By Stylion

Writer, creative and explorer of all things Japan. Central Saint Martins graduate and fashion journalist for 1 Granary and Lampoon Magazine. Writing about all things fashion – from fashion weeks, food and technology to fake influencers, art exhibitions and cultures around the world.

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