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Fashion Inspiration: The McQueen Dress

After seeing the Alexander McQueen A/W 12/13 collection a couple of weeks back, I was not impressed. I felt that Sarah Burton had ridden away too far from the McQueen aesthetic for this fashion event- that it was not what the brand was about. In a way, I felt I was right, but after last night I am converted…


The dress in question is the long, white, many tiered chiffon dress with the smallest of tassels wrapped around each part of the material. It reminded most people of an anemone, moving and changing simply by a move of the leg or a shake of the arm. Florence Welch did both at the Met Gala, and took great pride in doing so, twirling like a fairy princess on the red carpet in front of the many flashing cameras. It must have been quite an experience.


The dress is quite fantastical- there is not a place where you cannot see the glinting tassels or marvel at the fabulous crinkled collar surrounding an elegant neck. What is the best part of the dress you say? The pleats. After a hurried thought, it took one look to figure out what made the ethereal Florence Welch so beautiful in this dress. Points were also added for her fault free up-do which only brought the dress out even more. The dress is three tiered, focusing on the lines of the shoulder, the waist and the leg area. This creates an illusion of perfect grandeur, ideal for the Met Ball itself. A very good look from the head of Florence and the Machine.

By Stylion

Writer, creative and explorer of all things Japan. Central Saint Martins graduate and fashion journalist for 1 Granary and Lampoon Magazine. Writing about all things fashion – from fashion weeks, food and technology to fake influencers, art exhibitions and cultures around the world.

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