Quiz: Are you a Real Instagram Addict?

With more and more celebrities coming off Instagram (Justin Bieber, Iggy Azelea, Selena Gomez etc.), it is time to question whether everyone’s go-to platform for avocado toast breakfast flatlay’s and ootd hashtags is really worth staying on. Although to some it is still as essential as the morning Fb scroll, it has been seen badly in the press for promoting a harmful idealist life brand. In the roll up to New Year’s resolutions, why don’t you take our quiz to find out whether you are an Instagram addict and kick the habit?

1.How many times a day do you check your social media?

A. 8+

B. 4

C. Once maybe?

2.How long does it take you to choose a filter?

A. Hours of careful pondering and trying.

B. Meh, just stick it all in Mayfair.

C. Like an air filter?

3.Is it worth getting excited over 12 likes?

A. It’s the reason i get out of bed in the morning.

B. I just want my friends to like it 🙂

C. I don’t think the number matters.

4.How many hashtags do you use for your photos?

A. 10 for selfies, 20 for food shots…

B. Two or three maybe?

C. I don’t think I have ever used one.

5.What would you do to take the perfect selfie?

A. Contortion & 3 UD Naked make up palettes, then a good background and front-facing lighting, preferably by candlelight.

B. Put on some mascara and find a nice spot.

C. Unless its for my passport, no selfies.

6.Which frame do you choose to take photos?

A. I only see in square now, and I automatically line things up to the rule of thirds.

B. Sometimes I take my Insta shots in normal mode, but it depends on what I am shooting.

C. I pick a simple cheap frame from IKEA.

7.‘It’s not Christmas without a picture of Starbuck’s red cups’. Sound like you?

A. Do you know they got illustrators to do their designs this year? #starbucksshot

B. They’re a bit sweet no? I get too high on the sugar.

C. I don’t drink commercialized coffee.

8.If your Instagram shot only got 5 likes, would you delete it (by accident of course)?

A. What an abominable shame. I am not on my game.

B. I don’t think so, unless it was blurry.

C. I do not participate in the commericalized popularity contest that is Instagram.

9.Your friend has had a bad day and wants to talk to you in the latest trendy café. You know she is struggling; do you still take a sneaky photo of their famous pancakes?

A. Definitely, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity like this. I’ve been wanting to Insta this place for ages.

B. Maybe if she cheers up later…

C. I wouldn’t even take her to such a place.

10.What does your Insta study sesh photo look like?


Mostly A: #HashtagPro

Your whole daily routine revolves around taking regular updates of your breakfast, outfit, way to uni, fanned out books for uni next to a cactus in a concrete and gold planter. You know your Boomerang from the Hyperlapse and you could post a perfect #wokeuplikethis selfie in your sleep with a full face of make up.

Mostly B: My Instagram Memories

You like Instagram for the odd shot of fitspiration or to drool over otherworldly food presentation, but you don’t really use it all the time and are more of a habitual scroller. You don’t think that Instagram is life and you prefer to spend time on Facebook watching funny dog video’s instead of perfecting your pout.

Mostly C: What are apps?

You have decided to exclude yourself from the vice-like grip of social media on the modern population and prefer to listen to your music on vinyl’s instead of on your iPod. You’ve heard of a friend who used Instagram once, but when everyone starts talking about filters you steadily lose interest and decide to decide to meditate on your existence instead. No hashtags included!

Published in the Courier Newcastle, Reprint.

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