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Spring Trends for 2018

I don’t know about anyone else, but I start looking at spring trends in January. It’s January, so no one stocks anything yet, there are still sales going on and everyone is still stuck in knitwear, not spring wear. However, there is something about a new year that also signals a new wardrobe, and nothing says that better than a complete rehaul of statement pieces and an injection of colour after the dreary grey oversized turtleneck jumper, black jeans and Gucci-like loafers of winter trend fame. I want brights! I want excitement and daring trends and dear God, I want to show something more than just ankle. Given however that I do live in the northernmost part of England, I do realise I will have to wait a while before I pull out some of these coveted spring pieces, but I am still hoping.

Without further ado, here are the top predicted trends for Spring 2018.


This is a somewhat obvious link between the eighties style pieces that we have seen on the S/S 2018 catwalks but in a more restrained, British way. I chose this pairing of a checkered blazer and stripey thin jumper as a way of bringing those bright verticals into the wardrobe, but in a way that they would work both for the office and the weekend. After all, it’s not going to get warm for a while, so let’s just dip a toe into this particular trend pool.


I. Love. This. Trend. So. Much. Bottle green reminds me more of descriptions of Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl than the next best fashion trend, but I have seen a remarkable amount of green pieces from the catwalk and street style stars to know better. Bottle green, although pretty pigmented, presents a beautiful contrast to most colours and works wonderfully well with blacks as well. Although it works very well with most skirts and wide trousers, it is also a great colour for accessories, with large necklaces and bracelets, bags and even shoes benefitting from the wash of emerald. I will be showing this trend off with a bright bottle green vintage scarf that I have had since Year 3.


This is a trend for the bold and brave, not for the lighthearted. Although it had somewhat debuted as a winter trend, now this season it will pick up in full force, with statement tops as one of its key displays. What I love most about this trend is that it does not necessarily mean that your whole piece has to be sheer- like the top above, embroidery adds a nice touch that softens the look and gives it the boho nonchalance you need for springtime.


Another great transitional trend, the eighties have come out in full force with the second season of Strange Things and a need for bold, brave voices in the 21st century who need clothes are bold as them. Luckily, you can also merge this trend with your existing wardrobe in a very simple way- add an eighties oversized jumper to your washed out blue jeans (as above) and walk straight out of the door, bang on trend.


This final trend takes me back to covers of Lolita, uplifting, girly French style and a general air of coquettishness that can, at last, be called sexy. Polka dots seem to be best shown on tops, dresses and skirts with frills with that eponymous red polka dot dress rocking around somewhere on your Pinterest fashion inspirations board. Take this trend out of your summer daydreams and into the every-day by pairing black and white polka dots with officewear.

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