Poland Fashion Week: Blogger’s Angle

When thinking about the past week, it does feel a bit like it never happened. Similarly to a wonderful event which happened so quickly, your mind could not catch up with it, so Fashion Week (whether Milan or Seoul or Lodz) is mind-blowing. Arriving at Lodz and racing to the first fashion show at a … Continue reading Poland Fashion Week: Blogger’s Angle

Preparations for Fashion Week Poland

Every country has their own Fashion Week, and it is this event, and only this one which is highlighted in all of the fashion diaries, whether the one of an Editor or a blogger. It allows the greatly diverse fashion world to mix, no matter what nationality, so the people invited to shows do not … Continue reading Preparations for Fashion Week Poland

GAP Store Opening Warsaw

As a sort of teaser, this is going to be the first post, and probably the most promising out of my whole past life. I am finally grasping onto the fashion world, and am literally days away from my first Fashion Week! Apart from that, and the ridiculous number of store openings in Warsaw these … Continue reading GAP Store Opening Warsaw