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Pandora Bracelets

When Christmas comes, the main item that comes to mind as the perfect gift is jewellery. Now watches are for the practical (and if you would prefer practical, here is the link to my post on watches) what if you want to treat your loved one to something special, and decorative?

Now most of us first heard of personalised bracelets when we were very young- these were the friendship bracelets we gave to our best friends, for their wonderful secret keeping, and which we found in little resort towns on summer holidays, ones we could thread on individual beads. Now imagine a couple from Denmark who took this idea further- developing the first ‘charm’ bracelet, the equivalent of a personalised bracelet, just for adults. Starting out from modest jewellery background, the company now sells in over 65  countries and has its own label and boutique. Who am I talking about? Pandora, of course.

The idea- making women celebrate their special moments by adding charms to their bracelets evolved into a whole culture of charm bracelets- with other jewellers and companies (such as the main polish ones- Apart and Lilou and the charm superpower Thomas Sabo) quickly following their lead. Yet what truly strikes me in the jewellery created in Pandora is that it is not any different to other high-end jewellery- it shows that gathering charms can also be a way of showing personal style and memories.

The bracelets are in silver and gold, as well as string and leather cords. The beads are made from Murano glass, while the charms are silver and gold, with precious and semi-precious stones.

Here are a couple of my favourite combinations from their website!

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