Christmas Gift Guide: Top 4 Fashion Books

Fashion books are one of the best ways to browse through an overview of a particular category or style, and it is through them that I have learnt the majority of what I know about the fashion industry, whether it is technical terminology found in the DK fashion history tome 'Fashion' or the inspiration I have had because of 'Nostalgia in Vogue'. I wanted to compile a list of four essential fashion books that remain timeless and offer a view of fashion from a different perspective.

Be a Cynic in the face of Epic Christmas Advertisements

Everyone here knows that we have moved away from the God fearing ideals associated with the catholic Christmas- our merriment comes from the Father Christmas figure we see every year on the Coca-cola trucks amid the December sales. No one looks forward to a religious ceremony when they are thinking about the presents under the … Continue reading Be a Cynic in the face of Epic Christmas Advertisements

How to Buy a Handbag

So when stumbling upon Rebecca Minkoff I decided to take a peek, the little girl inside was saying 'Yes, please!'. Now the truth is, looking for a bag is probably the hardest thing anyone can do, including shopping or jeans or shoes. With shoes, the size does not change- and your style when it comes … Continue reading How to Buy a Handbag

Pandora Bracelets

When Christmas comes, the main item that comes to mind as the perfect gift is jewellery. Now watches are for the practical (and if you would prefer practical, here is the link to my post on watches) what if you want to treat your loved one to something special, and decorative? Now most of us … Continue reading Pandora Bracelets

Christmas Gift Guide

A couple of the things I think are essential for a girl to be happy with her Christmas shopping is satisfying everybody's Christmas wishes. Now thinking of all the times that people have typed into google 'what to get for'- mum, dad, brother, that troublesome auntie, the boyfriend who doesn't like anything you get him … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes

When it comes to Christmas, there is nothing more important than the actual outfit you are going to wear on the occasion! And that includes shoes... Which can be both a pain and a pleasure to pick out- depending on how you do it. Every year, I go for a high heel, as I think … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes