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Mulberry and Doggos

When thinking of bags, especially when it comes to UK-based brands, the first one that comes to mind is Mulberry. Being quintessentially British, Mulberry have strived from their 1971 debut with belts and chokers and has since then moved onto English countryside-inspired clothing and accessories. It has become a wonderfully innovative brand when it comes to tradition- keeping to mainly leather, Mulberry has worked out a clear concept for the company. Based at the Rookery in Somerset, Mulberry has not let go of its roots- continuing with its heritage has been the priority from the start. Of course, as goes with most private firms in the UK, the handbag company has set the price level quite high- with prices from fifty to one, or even two thousand pounds. So for the majority of the population, owning a Bayswater, Tillie or an Alexa bag or getting hold of any genuine item with the iconic tree crest would be just a dream.

Yet many owners of older collections sell their used treasures on- and anyone can have the pleasure of owning a classic for fraction of the price. The workmanship when it comes to the bags is amazing- each detail and lining is carefully places, and the signature plain leather, ostrich leather and snake print bags gives a wonderfully decadent feel to each bag. What is also very alluring in the brand is that they do equally good pieces for men- catching on with beautiful soft leather satchels and laptop bags.

What I think is also worth mentioning is that Mulberry has a certain addiction to putting lovely pooches into their shows- an accent which I think is endearingly sweet. Inspired by Wendy H Gilmour and Mr K of Thankfifi (you can visit the blog on ), I wanted to post the pictures of Mulberry, their bags and fashionable women with their dogs.

All photos were meant for viewing purpose only.

By Stylion

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