Mixing the Fashion and Business Cocktail

After laboriously trying to keep on top of both the real world and the fashion world, I have started to see potential similarities and patterns when it comes to behaviour concerning clothes and politics, or general knowledge perhaps. Right now, with the recession still fully active, it feels like designers are not only saving on the amount of money … Continue reading Mixing the Fashion and Business Cocktail

Fashion Week Poland: Juan Pedro Lopez

What has ever made you feel more alive than a beautiful shot of gold or amber on silk? The feeling rushes through you, warming your every vein. It seems that this Spanish designer decided to take on the cold winter months psychologically. Helping your mind to find the warmth by colour, while soothing your body … Continue reading Fashion Week Poland: Juan Pedro Lopez

Mulberry and Doggos

When thinking of bags, especially when it comes to UK-based brands, the first one that comes to mind is Mulberry. Being quintessentially British, Mulberry have strived from their 1971 debut with belts and chokers and has since then moved onto English countryside-inspired clothing and accessories. It has become a wonderfully innovative brand when it comes … Continue reading Mulberry and Doggos