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Salvatore Ferragamo: Ballet Flats

After one post of shoes, I quickly had to rethink any further buys, which of course comes down to buying more shoes. So what were the next pair? Salvatore Ferragamo. Quickly fast forwarding the fact that these shoes are probably the most expensive pair I own, I decided to opt for something a tad more practical than the last buy and went for ballerinas.

Now with Salvatore Ferragamo, their tradition with flats is what they are known for, but the company itself also has an astounding history. With Salvatore Ferragamo, the shoemaker, costume and fashion in the shoe sense had been revolutionised- it was from his anatomical drawings and studies that he derived that the weight of the body is heaved all onto one very small part (one and a half to two inches) of the foot, or the top of the front of the heel, as we would now call it. He inserted a metal plate in the arch of the foot to stabilise and keep the pressure as low as could be possible on the foot. His small, dainty heels set the style for the whole time of the thirties and later.

He was also known for creating specific shoe moulds for his customers- with his ‘Hollywood Boot Shop’, he attended to the shoes of the classic Hollywood royalty, such as Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren.With the thousands of moulds, he was able to create perfect shoes for each glamorous occasion without, as he called it ‘trapping the foot like a bird in a cage and not letting it function properly’. From a little boy fascinated in shoes, to a man with a company which is still recognised as one of the leading shoe powers of the world today, Salvatore Ferragamo had gotten very, very far, far beyond what he had hoped for when setting up his company.

Certain novelties, such as different fabrics and slightly altered creating processed changed the current Ferragamo flat shoe, or ballerina, as it is called nowadays. With such a shoe staple in your wardrobe, you are guaranteed not only years of wear, impeccable design, but also a tradition and function that just might outlive you!

Here are mine, and the colour is most perfect- a shade of light blue that is going to be a hit for S/S 2012.


By Stylion

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