History Lesson at the Pradasphere

My slight obsession with Prada started a few years back, when Prada first came out with the Saffiano bags the colour of blue eggshells. Their luxurious leathers and practical approach to the essential pockets and space showed me that Prada was more than just the leather goods boutique that it started out as. Now with … Continue reading History Lesson at the Pradasphere

New Year: Fitness Goals

Every time the New Year heralds the first sign of spring (which happened to be last Sunday in London) my inner composed self stops thinking. Maybe its the fresh air -after being shut in with Diptyque candles poring over books the whole winter, I cannot go even one year without a complete mental style revamp- … Continue reading New Year: Fitness Goals

Fashion Inspiration: Pop Tune

The POP tune by zofia-zwieglinska featuring satin high heels Seeing as even British Vogue have decided to embrace POP, I will too. Not out of the peer pressure, but out of judgement- the clothes do happen to be very familiar with what I remember to be called POP. And so I call on the shoes, … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: Pop Tune

Salvatore Ferragamo: Ballet Flats

After one post of shoes, I quickly had to rethink any further buys, which of course comes down to buying more shoes. So what were the next pair? Salvatore Ferragamo. Quickly fast forwarding the fact that these shoes are probably the most expensive pair I own, I decided to opt for something a tad more … Continue reading Salvatore Ferragamo: Ballet Flats

Zara: High Heels

Now, with shoes it is like this- you either love them or are completely indifferent. There are those of you who kerb your shoe needs with other significantly important things, but when it comes to shoes for me, I can only say that I love them. Love, love, love. The more exciting for me, the … Continue reading Zara: High Heels

Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes

When it comes to Christmas, there is nothing more important than the actual outfit you are going to wear on the occasion! And that includes shoes... Which can be both a pain and a pleasure to pick out- depending on how you do it. Every year, I go for a high heel, as I think … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes

Shoe Issues

As a fan of all things pretty, high-heeled shoes have always topped my lists of must-have's. Even with some painful reminders of how beautiful does not usually correspond with comfortable, they have and always will be treasured items in a woman's wardrobe. With the cold brought in, the strapped heels and the platforms fly high … Continue reading Shoe Issues