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Fashion Week Poland: Orsay

It’s so nice when you find out that a dear friend is working for the company from which you bought a jacket just a week ago. Oh, and then she pops up at Poland Fashion Week and says I’m welcome to browse backstage! Honestly, a dream. Thank you, Natalia, for the pass.

Anyway, the company she works for is called Orsay, and to say it is popular all over is a bit of an understatement. Their pieces hit the high street at incredible speed, and it not uncommon to find some pearls from the collections. I particularly like how eagerly they delved into the trends from spring 2012 and was gratified when I found the perfect jacket in mint green tweed.

So when I found out that not only are they the sponsor for Poland Fashion Week but are also debuting their A/W 12/13 collection there, I was slightly taken back. After such a strong S/S 12 collection, I thought it would be a near impossible task to bring anything new to the brands signature. Luckily, I was wrong, and the trend so pursued in the spring 2012 collections reappeared in their winter one. Yes, of course, I am talking about the 50’s. This was a surprise as most fashion companies do not linger with trends- which sometimes is a shame, as they lose a new and more varied collection.

The Orsay collection was the epitome of the 50’s- small beehives, boxy jackets and A-line dresses and skirts and, most importantly, it was fun! Throughout the whole show, bubbles floated over the beaming crowd who were enjoying the rock & roll music. The colour palette was mostly brown, orange, black and white, but mint, powder pink and sky blue snuck in into a couple of the looks. In general, this was far more toned down than the other collections, but that made it truly wearable, a feature of Orsay which is never forgotten when designing their collections.

All in all, the Orsay collection was by far the most enjoyable of all the fashion shows at Poland Fashion Week so far.

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