Blogging Update

As I pondered on the above question, sifting through my inbox and my usual blogs, sites and others, I thought that another fashion oriented site would be perfect. I had heard of from some of my friends in fashion photography, and although I have never really done this before, I decided to join. From now on, every couple of days or so, my own style shoots will be going up there, as well as appearing on, where I have somehow already managed to get some people liking my shots! Really happy with all the support I am getting from these networks, it really does make me proud of my site. Hopefully, all those neon emblazoned, jeffrey campbell wearing boys and girls will knock on the door of Stylion and too, where I am updating daily!

As to other news- H&M will be collaborating with Maison Martin Margiela, as I am pleased to announce. Judging from their previous choices, this might be quite unusual. This time, as I think everyone should be looking for luxurious materials-when H&M do partner up with a top fashion house, they change their materials and therefore provide the quality clothing, for a much simpler-to-digest price.

Other top fashion news, Prada reviews and a secret new and upcoming beauty product all on! Cannot wait to see you guys there!

Here are the photos from the most recent collection by Maison Martin Margiela.

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