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COS Catalogue Review

When it comes to minimalism, I have very mixed feelings- from a do not to a do in less than a year seems a little too fast for me. Nevertheless, I also guide my wardrobe choices by the characteristics and the mood it evokes- very similarly to the work of the designers at COS, the well known Swedish brand. A company which does not rely on its benefactors and their force field in the design and shape of the product. I managed to pick up their Lookbook’ees from a COS SALE… And here are some of the impressions are quite wonderful- if there is ant out would like me to try, please do.

By Stylion

Writer, creative and explorer of all things Japan. Central Saint Martins graduate and fashion journalist for 1 Granary and Lampoon Magazine. Writing about all things fashion – from fashion weeks, food and technology to fake influencers, art exhibitions and cultures around the world.

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