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Brighton Day Trip

When it comes to trips, I am usually less than spontaneous… and then I found myself booking myself a teaspoon trip, as part of a medicating journey- to Brighton. Having been there during the cold times, it was pleasant to not have a gale serenading in my face. On this trip though, I really truly discovered the possible thoughts of comic and film writers, when they mention how delightfully scary an old Victorian amusement park looks like at night, compared to the blissfully unaware innocence of the daylight prize winning and rock candy.

The transformation is very similar to the same one Jekyll and Hyde would have had to endure in their daily lives. What during the day is a terrifying rusty adrenaline-pumping roller coaster, at night becomes the set of a gloomy murder scene, which I am sure I would have not imagined had I been a lot younger. The same goes for a cheery sign and an arcade- amusing and heart rendering during the day, at night it becomes a place of elongated shadows, drunken youngsters and eerie grins. Unassuming until I saw the merry-go-round, this was obviously the perfect time to cloy my teeth with candy floss

As a future recommendation- apart from wonderfully gothic A/W 2012/13 fashion shoots, Brighton is also the perfect destination for all year round halloween enthusiasts!

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