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London Day Trip: Morelli’s in Harrods

Rolling through these rainy London days (yes, I am currently residing in London for my summer holiday) is one of the most enjoyable ways of spending an afternoon. Especially while doing so in the Egyptian, studded rooms of Harrods. Nothing out of the ordinary, for sure… For me, Harrods is a clash of cultures- a […]

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Hazz Magazine Shoot Poland

When writing fashion, it is important not to keep your friends too far behind. One of mine does photography and works at HAZZ magazine in Poland. Although aspiring, her work is truly one of a professional and could be a serious improvement to what fashion photography in Poland looks like right now! Here is a […]


Weekend Trip: London

Brrrr. Morning flight. Who knows that getting the bags in -10 would be so daunting! While patiently waiting for the driver to park in front of the airport, the possibilities for what to do during the flight were endless. Note for the future- never, ever eat frozen sushi at the Warsaw airport. Even bringing Vogue […]

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Wolf Bracka Department Store Warsaw

So, back to reality after the opening of the fantastic new shopping centre in the middle of Warsaw, Wolf Bracka on Bracka Street is like a heaven for fashion lovers. Before going in, I swear, I had never touched Viktor&Rolf… I had not even felt what Alexander McQueen or Stella McCartney felt like to my […]