About Stylion


Started off as written account on WordPress by me, Zofia Zwieglinska, it shows the attributes of fashion and culture- both locally and globally. I will record my participation in different fashion events, such as the S/S 2012 FashionPhilosphy Fashion Week Poland, Fashion Weekends in London, exhibitions and cultures abroad, as well as the daily styles of people across the world. All my photos are her own, both those taken on the streets of London, Warsaw and Tokyo, and those from fashion shows, unless stated in the posts.

This is a written account, not a blog. Everything on these pages is a valued part of my individual writing style, a portfolio if you like- among the usual responsibilities of a student and hobby illustrator.



7 replies on “About Stylion”

really enjoyable and informative blog. This is the real deal! Legend in the making?! 😀

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