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Natalia Grzybowski ‘Hybrid’ S/S 12

Usually looking for an approval worthy designer is as hard as searching for a pin in a haystack. Luckily, with the years and the evolution of blogging platforms and social networking systems, information is far more accessible. Through Facebook, it is possible to find inspiring fresh faces, while on Twitter all favourite articles are posted and shared.

Through the Internet, I found popular bloggers, young photographers and inspiring new designers. One of those designers who popped up recently on my timeline is Natalia Grzybowski, a young designer who regularly shows at Melbourne Fashion Week. Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney, the designer has produced work based mostly on prints, but dividing her collection into two parts- A Blank Canvas, which focuses mostly on the design, and produced only in white, and the Hybrid printed collection, with redesigned patterns of flowers and foliage.

Both collections show a high level of artistry and tailoring which can only be compared to the likes of Alexander McQueen. Using thick, unusual materials in her Hybrid white collection, the clothes gain an architectural stability, mostly focused on the neck and sleeves of the jackets. Keeping the form simple, the designer has emphasised the perfect design and the almost technological aspect of the female body.

What I must say fixed my attention were the colourful prints and they were contestants to the ones of Mary Kantrantzou and Peter Pilotto. Similar forms were used, based mostly on the mirror and kaleidoscope repeated images of a flower or plant. She also incorporated flowers sweeping into the design, such as is seen with the cream dress. The rusticality of the flowers which were chosen such as wild poppies and pale buds add a significant contrast to the modern high tech design of the clothes. Certain elements of secession designs were also incorporated into the prints, which truly showed a wide range of inspirations, clearly seen in the work.

Definitely, Natalia Grzybowski is a name to look out for in the near future!


By Stylion

Writer, creative and explorer of all things Japan. Central Saint Martins graduate and fashion journalist for 1 Granary and Lampoon Magazine. Writing about all things fashion – from fashion weeks, food and technology to fake influencers, art exhibitions and cultures around the world.

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