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First Collection by Sophia Webster in London

After what felt like months of planning, boxing and moving, I have managed to remove all of my little boxes and my whole shoe collection from the modern flat in Warsaw to a charming Victorian semi detached house only a train ride from my city of dreams- London. I even have a couple of glazed fireplaces that I hope to expose with a beautiful armchair at some later stage.
For all those people who don’t quite know that London is, and will always be my favourite city, I re-visited the amazing Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. It is by far the most enjoyable part of London, as it stores a collection of small boutiques selling a range of items, from cashmere sweaters to vintage jewellery, which I had already shown in a previous post.
This time, pleasantly surprised, I stumbled on the just-opened pop-up boutique of my favourite graduate shoe designer, Sophia Webster. Apart from sharing a name, this lady also shares my passion for shoes with a story, that are fun! Just looking at the candy coloured darlings is enough to see that she is inspired by the simplest of things- from plastic beads that I strung on a string when I was little, to the blue striped exercise books that I wrote in, I felt that this collection really spoke to me.

Of course, there was another detail that I was envious of- a graduate of Central Saint Martins, Sophia interned at Nicholas Kirkwood, and his influences are visible in her work. I hope that her future collections will also let possible shoe buyers indulge in their childhood visions of stilettos…













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