Fashion Inspiration: SS 12

When I wanted to choose all my outfits for my upcoming trip abroad, I instantly began to devour the racks and racks of clothes found in giant concerns such as Zara. I also looked at most of the items from the S/S 2012 shows, which were fantastically¬†whimsical¬†and¬†feminine. Here are my favourites, but please feel free … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: SS 12

Zara: High Heels

Now, with shoes it is like this- you either love them or are completely indifferent. There are those of you who kerb your shoe needs with other significantly important things, but when it comes to shoes for me, I can only say that I love them. Love, love, love. The more exciting for me, the … Continue reading Zara: High Heels

Christmas Gift Guide: Zara

For those who can't quite yet fit their wallets neatly into the Prada section, fashion Christmas will probably look Topshop-y and Zara-y. Don't despair! Searching the key trends this A/W 2011, everything you'll have on will be clean and effortless, just like my favourite shop- Zara. Nothing goes better than a smile for Christmas, and … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Zara