Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

With Christmas looming closer than ever, the rush for panic buys is coming up fast, and the majority of products and safe gifts have sold out. So what to do now?

Christmas Gift Guide

A couple of the things I think are essential for a girl to be happy with her Christmas shopping is satisfying everybody's Christmas wishes. Now thinking of all the times that people have typed into google 'what to get for'- mum, dad, brother, that troublesome auntie, the boyfriend who doesn't like anything you get him … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide: The Watch

There is nothing quite more satisfying for a woman than to give the perfect present, which will be used and treasured until the person you gifted will come back and ask- 'Where did you get that? Could you get me another one this Christmas too??'. So what kind of a gift is both practical, fashionable … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: The Watch

Christmas Gift Guide: Zara

For those who can't quite yet fit their wallets neatly into the Prada section, fashion Christmas will probably look Topshop-y and Zara-y. Don't despair! Searching the key trends this A/W 2011, everything you'll have on will be clean and effortless, just like my favourite shop- Zara. Nothing goes better than a smile for Christmas, and … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Zara

Fashion Inspiration: The 1950’s

With the upcoming film, 'My Week with Marilyn' there comes along a certain theme, and it is this virtually unnoticed subject that is leading all of the winter's trends- all the granny jumpers, the stocky heels, the return of bolds and brights, those things that people call WASP style. This is glamour. No other word … Continue reading Fashion Inspiration: The 1950’s

Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes

When it comes to Christmas, there is nothing more important than the actual outfit you are going to wear on the occasion! And that includes shoes... Which can be both a pain and a pleasure to pick out- depending on how you do it. Every year, I go for a high heel, as I think … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide: Party Shoes